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Everyone we're gonna talk about chapter 2 of 1984, George Orwell, again, if you don't have the book, pick it up, there are various copies, usually involving an eye. Okay. So we talked about chapter 1. If you haven't already seen that video, please go check out. My other videos.

Chapter 1 of George, Orwell's 1984, like subscribe share. Please I would really appreciate it, and we're gonna talk about chapter 2. It starts off with Mrs. Parsons and Tom Parsons. And their children Mrs. Parsons is Winston's neighbor.

Winston is requested to come help her unclog a drain and while there's air while he's, there fixing the drain, the parson children are playing a game where they pretend that one is a former thought-criminal, Goldstein. Okay. And the reason why the Chile talked about the children in this chapter.

And why it's important is that even the children in this book are brainwashed by the party and for the party, because remember ignorant is strength. So if you can corrupt these children at a young age, because. Remember Winston is committing a thought crime and the chances are he's committing it because he doesn't, he remembers what it was like before all this Italian totalitarianism. So before the parties took over, and it was Big Brother and whatever he's still of the generation that remembers what the real freedom was not was like not freedom is slavery right? So it's significant that this party and Big Brother are corrupting children at a very young age and incorporate them into hate. Sessions to know who the traitors are and to identify them and to rat them out, even if they're your own parents, okay, so they're, actually fostering the next generation of party members.

And in case, we didn't talk about this earlier. The party is, you know, a small section of people there's, the inner party, the outer party use of Winston. Basically, the rest of the population is the outer party, and there will be thought, spies and criminals. So people will be creating the like committing the crime.

Of thinking and within their own outer party members, which is where Winston is Mrs. Parsons is her children. Our outer party members like not that important, but important because they're sheep, they will rat out other outer party members in hopes of moving up in the chain and maybe possibly becoming an inner party member and then there's, even a smaller subsection of whose actually in charge will absolutely power, corrupts, absolutely so let's, not forget that it's a theme that runs throughout the book. And so in this chapter Winston is harassed by these parts and children calling him a that criminal like Goldstein and pow-pow like we're going to kill you, and we're going to hunt you down and whatever, so it's a little unnerving for him, because they don't necessarily know that he's guilty, but he knows that he's guilty. So even though he knows that he has to continue with this diary in this thought, crime. He still feels guilty because he's so loyal to the party.

And he only knows the party as his truth. Right now and he's wrestling with the idea that his truth could be something else and that he's actually committing this crime. So then he goes back to his apartment, and he continues to write and think recalling a dream. He had where O'brain who was an inner party member says to him. We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness, foreshadowing, okay, that's when he realizes when that happens, though that this like he has the wholehearted like he gives in to the idea that yes, 100%. This diary is.

Gonna be his death? Okay, so it adds the fatalism in chapter 2 that Chapter 1 started. But the important part of this chapter is that Winston is beginning to think again, with rational thought, like how can anything survive or exist if the past isn't allowed to exist.

So what he does in his job is he rewrites history to suit the party's needs, okay. So in doing that and doing his everyday tasks. And you know, being the good worker bee, he thinks well crap, how is it that anything can, actually.

Survive and exist, maybe like he starts thinking what you're not supposed to do don't, forget it's, a big no-no to think don't think just be a good worker, be good sheep and keep your eyes looking forward and don't look at any of the stuff here. And this is very common for many dictatorships in the past to control the history. We can talk about it's a way of controlling your population, where if nothing really is you're constantly rewriting past, it makes people question, what really happened so Hitler's.

Done this Stalin was no one to do this Mao, true, Stephen, Harper, I, don't want to mention Trump because I don't want to UM Oh alienate. Anyone who might be listening that is interested in this book, but I have to use them as an example, I used my own former prime-minister to Stephen Harper. As an example, where a lot of politicians will maybe fudge the numbers of what are the truth of their budgets or whatever the case may be. Oh, we made.

We had a surplus of fifteen billion dollars when in fact, I can give. You a Canadian government example, Stephen Harper came in and said that, oh, we have the biggest surplus in history, or we didn't. We came in with a debt when in fact, when he came into power, there was a budget surplus and right.

But because he distorted those facts of the past when he was in the future, he said, he peoples actually believed that in Canada that he had a budget surplus as opposed to the largest debt in Canadian history under any prime minister, which is crazy, because people will argue this. With me and I know, for a fact that there are different reasons as to why he had the largest federal debt, but because he blurred history, nobody really, um people who are very one-sided in their information will only think that he's telling the truth because they're very loyal to him. Whereas my votes always up for grabs I'm dead center, not left, not right I'm dead center and I believe in the process of democracy, it's a different story. But it's very important that Winston starts to come to this. Realization that if I'm constantly rewriting or a part of rewriting history, how can anything actually exist right?

And this is the bigger idea that Orwell wanted you to understand. So the other idea is that thought crime does not entail death. It is death. So that is a big huge thing.

It is so foreign to these people to think for themselves that they know that if they do, they're dead meat, they're done they're done. So kaput, they're going to die that's. It there's, no question about it, but he becomes.

He. Knows and he becomes more drawn into the idea that he will die. And because of this he's, um, he essentially lives his life with more risk from this for this point forward, knowing that he's going to die. He knows well, . Let me just take the risk now and do whatever I want, and he becomes more bold in future chapters. Because of this fatalism, he knows he's going to die, so it's, like when people live there bucket list once they know, they're going to die. And they just go do things.

They spend their money. They they do whatever and that's the same idea here, but he's going to die first thinking so that's, the important part of this chapter think about that I want you to think about that and maybe draw some real-world conclusions as to who else might think like that I can give you the migrant situation when they're in their countries, Syrian refugees, Rohan, NGO, Muslims, right now are leaving their country because they think if they stay there, they will die and that's an important idea, any sort of martyr it. Doesn't matter what religion what culture when someone is a martyr, they think well, there's, no more point. I can no longer live in the society and feel safe.

So I might as well go out with a bang, right and that's. Usually what suicide bombers come from or martyrs in general come from that. They think that there's nothing to live for it, they're stuck between a rock and a hard place. So might as well just go out with a bang and that's what's significant about this chapter it's Winston, realizing that.

He is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it's time for him to just live his life with more risk, which goes against the party it's. His wolf moment, people he's waking up so let's chapter to hit like hit subscribe, please share. And please subscribe because I will not know if people are actually watching this, or if I'm being helpful, unless people comment like subscribe share Chapter three coming up.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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