Best Sketchup Array Copy Mode Trick

What's up guys Justin here with the sketch, essentials, come back with another sketch up quick tutorial for you. So in today's video, I want to talk about a tip that you can use while creating array copies inside Ketchup. If you're looking for more greats ketchup tips, make sure to check out my best ketchup tips guide at the sketch of essentials, comm, slash tips. Now let's, go ahead and just jump into it. So I've talked a bunch of different times about the ability to create arrays in Ketchup.

So. Arrays is basically the ability to create multiple different copies of an object, using the move tool or the rotate tool. So I will link to a video about this in the notes below, but basically that's when you activate the move tool, and you click on an object, and then you tap the control key to create a copy. And then you type in something like x 5 or x, 10 and hit the enter key.

And you can adjust the number of copies that you create. So if I was to type x 4, this would come back and create 4 copies of. This object and so this also works creating copies between different points. So if I was to make a copy here and then type in divided by 5 and hit the enter key, this would create 5 equally spaced copies, starting here and ending here. So you'd have your original and then your 5 copies.

So we've talked about that before, but there's, actually a function of this that I actually didn't know was here. Maybe a bunch of you did know was here. But the way that it works is let's say, for example, that I created. Seven copies of this object, just like this so 2 space between here. And here you can see how if I wanted these to be spaced at 5 feet, it's, kind of difficult to do because I didn't set this spacing, originally or that's, what I thought because I've already created my 7 copies in here. But if you come in here, and you type a distance after you create your copies, so let's say, I type in 60 inches, all your copies that you create are actually going to get spaced at 60 inches.

So you can see how this took. All my 7 copies that I had created and spaced them. So the origin of each one of these objects was spaced on 60 inches. And you can adjust this multiple times as long as you don't click off of your object. So let's say, I decided I wanted this to be 48 or 30, six I can type that value in and hit the enter key. And then the other thing is since this is still live. I can also still adjust the number of copies.

So you can see how I had seven copies while I typed in times six so let's say that I had come in. Here and I had created ten copies at 72 inches. Well, really what I need is I need six copies at sixty inches.

So what I would do is I would type in a value of 60 in order to reset my spacing to 60, and then I would type in time, 6 and hit the enter key. And you can see how that would remove those extra copies. So both the number of copies and the spacing that you create is actually adjustable using the arrays, just by typing in different values and I will note that it's really important that you don't. Click off of this, because as soon as you click off of this, or you go back and select another tool. Now if I type in a value like 60 or 70 to nothing works anymore, so you do have to do that while this is all initially live.

But that was a function. I didn't know, was in here. And so the next thing I tested is of this also worked on the rotate tools array function. So and it does. So if I was to create whoops, if I was to type in x 5 to create 5 copies in here, I can actually also type in a value.

And in. This case the value is going to correspond to the angle rather than the number or the distance between these objects. So you can see how I can type in different angles. So let's say, for example, that I wanted to have six objects, total. So I would type in times 5 that would give me the 5 copies. And then let's say, I wanted 30 degrees between each one of those. You can see how that would give me a hundred and eighty degrees between this object in this object, or if I decided that I wanted this to be 360.

Degrees or I would type in an angle of 60 degrees. And so you can see how when I type in an angle of 60 degrees. This comes in here. And this sets the angle of each object based on this center point to 60 degrees and I can still adjust the number of copies as well. So I could type in like a time 12, and then I could set my angle to 30 degrees. And that would allow me to add 12 copies at 30 degrees from the center.

So you can see how this really makes adjusting the number of copies and things like that. And Ketchup using the array function, really easy. So that's harmony in this video, leave a comment below.

And let me know what you thought I'm super interested to know if you guys knew about this, if it was just new to me, or if it's new to you guys too so leave a comment below, let me know what you thought if you liked this video, please, remember to click that like button down below if you're new around here, remember to click that subscribe button for new Ketchup content. Every week, if you liked it. I'm doing in this channel, please consider supporting me on Patreon every little helps, even if it's only a dollar a month so make sure you check out that link in the notes down below, but in any case, thank you so much for taking the time to watch this I, really appreciate it and I will catch you in the next video.

Thanks guys.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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