Black Ops 3 Zombies - The Journey Of Primis (Fan Trailer)

Your words are empty your soul is hollow. How could you ever hope to put things right? Though we may not see eye to eye, even I know, this I possess, an artifact that will help us on our journey. You do not or could not understand I walk a path. No Arthur can take I alone can lead us to our salvation. You can never wash away the blood on your hands' dolphin, you wanna evil that must be stopped. Stories.

Richthofen stolen about this place. It's got a bad atmosphere. I can't say, I know, exactly where we're. Headed I've seen my fair share of war, never seen a happy ending. And maybe there is a way to end all of this to return to our homes, our old lives families.

This journey has changed us. All we can barely comprehend the suffering that may have been endured at this facility. Richthofen may have confident in his trans. But none of us can truly know the nature of our own destiny and was shown the truth by my own misguided path I future will soon be upon us. Our journey's end is rapidly approaching I.

Look. Around me and see my country consumed by madness by myself amongst ruggedness too, but I must feel do not be empty. Feel me walk it off Beryl sucker. Each of us have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of retrofits plans. We have hunted down and extinguished ourselves seriously, what's.

It going to take to put you down for good pounds by destiny. We all our team will fight side by side back to back, even if it's for the last time.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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