Christmas Time Is Here - Dom7 And P5 Chords Exposed

Okay, I'm going to post this, but I haven't done this in a whole year. Christmastime is here control around places, Lee Mendel son and events going to go all the grade Gerald. Okay, it's this big. Chorus, why don't play this song, but it's because the kid right? So you got a big F major, nine chords. Alright, let's. Take that let's.

Take this part because. This is these are good big boys. This pinkie was right, I could stretch and get it. What we're going to do the best we can. So you got this big f, major 9 f, left hands. A name.

That's a huge chord, e, G, E. And then you have this. E, flat, 13 sharp, 11, right. So you take that to chance let's talk about us. Buddy, yeah. So you got a one-time F, major detour. Okay, my time to start the talk.

Same thing have fun for all. Okay. Okay. Significant e-minor. Socialist.

Let's. Take a look at sea that is fun for all BB - oh my goodness. Alright, so fun. Fun. A d. B. Okay. So you got this B, minor 7, flat 5 chords that we went looking at it, and we're just going to play it.

So for me, so it's, flat, five because of. What why is it a flat? Five one, two, three, four, five that makes it what do you go right there that makes it flat for the F. And now you've got this little passing tone, I, don't know why I'm doing this to you guys?

But for wrong, your passing tone is this be flagged, a flag tea flag, let's, try so Oh. What am I doing this one for all that children may be - seven? So the suit is an it's, a chromatic walk down.

Why are we doing this to each other? But that's what it is though these guys I'm laughing because his dice. Is the brilliance of this thing? Okay, jazz you guys it's, what jazz nice all right? So let's take that again. So, so anyway, from all right so let's study that, and we're going to post that we're going to post that study of walk down from be mine, be flat, lay it flat.

So you can give F, so it's, a flat vine walk down, there's quite a coconut. Flat 5 walk down. Okay. So we're going to call it a flat 5 walks down.

Okay. So one more time. So, okay, okay, all right. It's doing what sound right, and it's funny last year we did I. Didn't really realize that that was going on all of this is a walk down. Okay. So we did it a few time.

Then we understand it. Now we get now we can understand so flat, five, flat box. Alright, so now we can withstand a nap.

So the key is the key to f-101 time. So the B flat, a flat, G, G, minor, what are so there's all this right? So that's, the seventh chord, it's, a seventh chord, that's, a dominant seventh chord, I'm just I'm, just getting fancy because. Now that jazzy Santa is in my ear. Now so I always want to play.

I want to play major league, no more now I want to you know now, I want to build a because I'm really happy. Okay. So now your left hand. So this is a perfect. Five in your right hand.

Your social profile is a seven in your left hand. There's, a major 70 left hand in your left hand. It just it submits, a dominant seventh interval and your left hand, a dominant seventh interval. In your left hand, hey might just want to practice day. You know, you might want to practice it up and down the keyboard running limit.

Now. You might want to pry this it up and down the keyboard all right. But in your right hand is to be a perfect fish. You should know your profile. You know that me you already know that okay.

So he just takes a dominant seven intervals in its left hand and marries it up with a 35 a perfect. Five interval in his right hand. Amazing, amazing, there's, probably some, you know book turn what this does, but I think it's, amazing all right, and we're going to call this Christmastime is here.

One call this who's. Exposed okay, hope, yourselves. Peace, Wow.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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