Citing Journals In Apa 7

Citing journal articles in APA 7. When you're citing a journal in APA, you need the following pieces of information, the author's name, the year of publication, the title of the article, the journal name volume at issue, the page numbers. And if it's online the DOI or URL we'll go through the basic format, step by step first write the author's name.

Last name, comma space, first initial, followed by a period and a space. If your article has between two and twenty authors separate the author names with commas. And use ampersand between the second last author and the last author, sometimes the author of an article might be an organization rather than a person. If that is the case write the name of the organization, followed by a period. If there is no author, start your citation with the title of the article where the author would normally appear.

Next add the year of publication in brackets followed by a period. If there is no date of publication, instead, write n period, d, period in brackets, followed by a. Period now add the title of the article capital is the first letter of the first word and the first letter of the first word that follows a colon or hyphen, add a period and a space. Next add the journal title in italics followed by a comma capitalize. The first letter of major words, then add the journal volume number in italics, followed by the issue number in brackets.

If there is one, not in italics and add a comma, there should not be a space between the volume number and the issue number now, add. The page numbers of the article write the first page of the article hyphen, the last page, followed by a period, if your article is in an online journal, add the digital object, identifier or DOI in the form of an URL prefaced by HTTPS colon, slash with no period at the end. The DOI is often included in the search results or on the first page of the document if your document doesn't have a DOI include the URL for the journal's homepage.

These are some examples of citations for journal articles. Add your article citation into your reference list with each citation double-spaced. And with the lines after the first lines indented, you now know how to create a citation for articles in APA style, you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022

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