Creating Apa Citations-Articles

Creating APA citations journal articles. This video will show you how to create a citation for a journal article in APA style. We'll start with the basic format. And then we'll explain some variations.

The basic format for an article citation looks like this. The author's name the year, the title of the article, the journal name volume and issue, the page number. And if it's online the DOI or web address can see the second and third line are indented. You can do this by pressing tab or by changing.

The indentation style as we demonstrate in the video on formatting, a reference page let's go through that step by step first write the author's name. Last name, comma space, first initial, followed by a period and space. For example, Donaldson comma, P period. Next add the year of publication in brackets followed by a period. For example, bracket 2013 bracket period. Now add the title of the article capitalize, the first letter of the first word and the first letter of the first word that follows a colon or.- at a period into space, for example, clouds cold and space, cumulus and Nimbus period. Next add the journal title in italics followed by a comma capitalize.

The first letter of major words so not articles or prepositions, for example, the Journal of clouds comma. Then at the journal volume number in italics, followed by the issue number. If there is one in brackets, not in italics and at a comma, for example, 11 brackets, 22 bracket commas. There should not be a space between the volume number and the issue.

Number now, add the page numbers of the article right. The first page of the article - the last page followed by a period, for example, - 54 - 256 . If your article is in an online journal, add the DOI followed by a period. The DOI is the digital object identifier.

It is a more stable link to the article than a URL, which may change over time. The DOI is often included in the search result or on the first page of the document if your document doesn't have a DOI write retrieved from and include the URL. For the journals' homepage, for example, retrieved from HTTP colon, slash w. Clouds forever com. This is the basic citation for a journal article in APA. If the article has between two and seven authors separate the author names with commas and use ampersand between the second last author and the last author, for example, D on comma G period, comma Barberton, comma, B period, comma, ampersand, saint-pierre, comma, GE period for more than seven authors after the sixth author use an ellipsis. Then add the.

Last author, for example, D on comma G period, comma, BA, Burton, comma, B period, comma saint-pierre, comma, G period, comma downer comedy period. Comma caddy, comma, C period, comma, Newman, comma, F period, comma, ellipsis, Harrison, comma, P period. Sometimes the author of an article might be an organization rather than a person. If that is the case write the name of the organization followed by a period, for example, Oh Canadian, Psychiatric Association. If there is no author just move the title up to the beginning of. A citation if there is no date of publication instead, right, ND in brackets, followed by a period, add your article citation into your reference list you now know how to create a citation for articles in APA style.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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