Episode 104 - Analog Tv Shutdown To Digital Tv | (June 12, 2009)

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Welcome back here's. The latest on our. Top stories, the digital TV transition is here throughout southern California will be switching over today from analog TV to digital television. And we found people buying converter boxes this morning here at this best buy in Los Felix, if you watch TV now with an outdoor antenna or rabbit ears, you will need a box that will allow you to continue to watch your favorite TV shows if you have cable or satellite TV, you don't have to do anything the transition here channel, seven occurs in just a few. Minutes at noon, if you lose your picture, you know, you will need one of those converter boxes reporting from Los Felix I'm, Carlos abc7, eyewitness news, a 65 year.

Panorama woman is dead. One of her roommates is under arrest on a charge of arson. Firefighters found the body of Betty Ogilvy in her apartment, homicide investigators say she had been dead for days. It appears a fire was set to cover detectives now, wait for the results of an autopsy to determine cause of death. And whether she was murdered. Miriam Hernandez ABC 7, eyewitness news, we will stay on top of those stories. We'll also have the latest for you at for parents toddlers.

You know, they've always been told we've always been told keep your children in rear-facing car seats until the age of 1., but wait, until you hear why a new study says children need to stay facing backwards for a lot longer we'll have that story for you and talk about a change of luck. We'll meet the local man who lost his job, but one not one, but two lotteries. Jackpots all in one week, it starts at four today.

Well, we are in countdown mode in just over one minute. It will be the end of an era for television. Abc7 is going digital.

Now, most people in southern California will not see any difference what you will see right now is this countdown that you see on our screen here, we're 53 seconds away now from making the switch, if you have cable or satellite, you don't have to change the thing. This will be very anti-climactic. You'll, just see it change you'll just. Continue to watch TV. If you get your signal over the air, though with a new TV or converter box, you will have to res can once the transition there are several places that you can get help with the switch. The Chinatown public library will be open until six o'clock tonight. The radio shack, uh on Cesar Chavez open two to six also at Kmart in the Carson town center it'll be open.

Today. You believe Amanda Dillon scheduled for an ultrasound. Eleven o'clock on the right, um, yes. 11 o'clock, but miss Dillon. New.

Meaning to couch potato, the testimony continues to don't look me in the eye and lie to me because I can't understand that. So when you when I tell you, you've got to be kidding now is when you finally go forward, at least the very same night at two in the morning, when all this is happening and your answer is no, I only didn't go to the police before because my sister was validated yesterday, it's, not that I am. I am miserably trying to get back at him for what he did to me, because he did this horrible. Thing to me. So now I want to get back, you can't, be honest and just tell me that it seemed like every month. It got a little harder to pay the bills. Yeah, the paycheck was basically gone before we even got it.

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Somebody else and then his names in politics face, the nation Sundays on CBS, you.

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