Gobstones Champion | Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Part 2

We're going to do this again, yay. So in the last video, we learned a almost got killed by devil stare. And we slapped this boy named chest, or we told Ben to get over him stuff.

Yeah, okay. Whatever I mean, I really should drink my water? Okay, courtyard did meet with Rowan I think I mentioned this before, but like they 82 schemes. My brother attended Hogwarts did something that got himself expelled, and then wait Missy and hasn't been seen since I, don't know, much else aside for that. Hey, Rowan, like when. Your t-shirt okay, walks.

Okay. Thanks for inviting me room. Sure, everything with Menu learned, Shape I could use a break what should be about bullies in barely escaping death should be about learning happy nerd.

Oh, don't say, you think meaning to you, please dance things. They believe in the family who is immeasurable. Thank you. We plan deeply with another preaching of orange mean for you need just it.

In theory. We of course, I mean, my friend who understands me and I can explain everything alone and. Without explain everything red horns your freaking movie. Oh, she gives me a movie. This did you dude, she's in Slytherin that's?

Why everybody said the rain is evil, even my friend harmony shout-out to her by the way because she's a Slytherin I've been researching my family Dancers. Teen lately, she hates the leash. You do that's Jesus just relax. You can find about the ruler while we play I mean, all those Buddhist dudes is the clean teeth. Things just feel this manual dexterity it's a bit like knuckles. Lately, king, marbles, the area generally squared loser, gets sprayed and faced with what you're right? No, that's, probably your breath.

Oh, wait. If you do well in this attraction, it's, strengthen your friendship, that's person, you'll be able to go on more adventures together, hi attribute level, improve your chance of success start even and indeed any time, namely, these boosters when it gets tricky in that case over there, the reaction has different goal. And in this one impressive run by winning dog stones. This way to be true is distracting him, it's, maybe fun it's distracting him. So your food books could probably be the best in your past. Yeah, I was right. You got to you going to pull this please for your finals.

Ah, good. Play. What's in here I would have countered if I wasn't so tracking.

Thanks you're. Wrong. I think sharing understand God's does more distracting a choice. The more you'll felt your diamond leader, I think it's distracting to most. How do you like constants? I think it's, distracting. Ah, never.

One for extractive, a stop game strip who's doing the constant Club. You need one cup school, I'm, not sure, and I was thinking let's bunk off school would be better because he beat me, Alexander, pretty embrace' free first time playing guards doors. Thank you. Weird.

Squiggly. Baby. You think, yeah, I could see that enjoy you have no friends would be you. Now you came from well, yeah, only because you told me where to get my wand by the way guys have been Ravenclaw, I, don't know if you picked that, but they.

Yeah, ask me what house I want to be and then like I feel like a more intelligent you're witty. So I'll, go 3 the cloth, but I took the actual test. And it said, I was a living doll.

Yeah, I don't believe that. But all right, I think, Jaden's a Slytherin like my friend Jaden, most people think of me, they're useless. We clean your order, but you're weird like me.

Okay, first I'm, not the weirdest like you. Second of all you're, both the weakness, a useless weakling and an awkward nerd elephant, all right. I'll. Take. It as a compliment, oh crap, it's. Evil. Girl, it's, pretty well, I will light your torch really looking well after a sneeze bet, the dose there it's about your brother won't, you just leave me alone.

Danger. Hug was just like you've done this movie. See if it took you done the entire drama role I, hear the danger to Hogwarts brother just did get expelled it for the day during the entire school search of some imaginary booths, see in it. So you see me working Voldemort, ah, say that that means a crowd, yeah, you. Can't say that you have to call them, you must not be named am. I right I. See for why about my brother having to do is he-who-must-not-be-named your color, you know, what rule we should stop calling you.

She who does not be named no wonder the professors were talking about you for the feast. They are wondering, hey, Rene, if you work for the dirt floor - okay, no here's. The thing up there in the top left corner, it shows a shield symbol, heart symbol and a book symbol by making certain choices are.

Doing certain things I can increase that stat. Now, then if you see these choices, right here, it has a two on the book, meaning light. My book level, which is intelligence has to be level two to make that choice, or my heart level has to be level two to make that choice and I increase it by either making these choices are doing other stuff wearing clothes, like the shirt I'm wearing right now. Increased my courage I kind of want us to be friends. So what I'm going to make you? So mean, why don't you just.

Really don't like to leave me alone. See we even clean, you will bring you these figures. Maybe this to you, we're just afraid that I'll be better. Oh, just afraid that I'll be better than you afraid. I, don't know, right now normally I'd say, you're on not worth my time.

We will keep your nonsense tears. Oh, don't walk away from me depend. Oh, oh that wasn't a Philippa's. You should fall down, you're, awful. You look way, too fine, a few more spills with it.

Possibly next time you put up a fight. Yeah, it would. Totally win that duel, I know, you ain't spell I know, is casting light that's like I'd shine that flashlight in your eyes. I must have learned launch battles to fight someone. If you teach me how to do and freaking kill her and what's this, and I can get us glasses unless I get into it more or be friends with Marla, okay, trains and friendships even I'm special interaction. You can compete like a lobster to the corner to eating meals in the very hot. Welcome to flying class.

Deserving players to us. Yay, I'm a wizard Harry, how did they increase my courage I get 9 prepare to summon your room it's something to practice summonable step uphold out here? I am and say, oh, no I ain't fortunate at all just go school, break.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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