Jordan Peterson Talks About His Wife In Front Of Her

In a moment of uncharacteristic, courage close to two years ago, I got married again, a woman who on any objective measure completely outranks me. Congratulations. Thank you.

Now she's, very high on assertiveness, and I'm, very hard on conscientiousness, which you will fully understand. And so we contend we can tend a lot, and it's good, and we're going somewhere, good, and I'm, very proud for what it's worth I'm aware and I. Imagine what your life is like, and I'm talking to you Jordan, but I don't to exclude you. Either and I, imagine your life being one of constant exhaustion, exhilaration and probably a fair bit of Terror as well. And the word contending is one that you actually used a few days ago on a different platform in a different city, you're talking to young people. And you challenge them to marry a mate with whom they would contend, and I think of Tammy and I think of you.

And we don't hear a great deal of Tammy. But you guys are I'm sure working really hard you're, contending, you're confronting all. This stuff, and you're processing it, and I'm sure your marriage is strengthening I trust. It is, and I'd love some insight on that. If you can speak to what you're learning about marriage in this season of your life.

Well, the first thing we're doing is that Tammy is traveling with me so that's, very helpful, and she's, paying attention, you know. So, and we talk a lot about what is going on. But also a lot about our family because there's complicated things going on in our family like there are in. Most families, and we do our best to communicate, you know, when she says what she thinks, and I say, what I think, and we don't always think the same thing, you know, but we do our best to listen.

We do our best to assume that just because the other person has a different opinion, doesn't mean that they're wrong, even though it would be lovely if they were. And then we try to come up with a negotiated solution, that's mutually acceptable, you know, and we discuss strategy as well. I mean, for example, when we. Started this tour, which was more than a year ago. We thought, you know, there's a lot of competing things that you could think about a tour, especially when we had no idea, how long it would be like what was this a vacation? We were going to, you know, spectacular cities all over the world was it time for us to spend together like what was it? What were we doing?

And we spent two hours thinking, it's like no. This is work. We have a remarkable opportunity here and and and we're going to do the work. We're going to hit as many cities as we can. And so what does that mean?

It means we get the hell up in the morning. We make sure we're packed our suitcases aren't, too full. We don't carry anything that goes underneath the plane. Furthermore, we make sure that I don't get hungry because then I can't perform properly.

Furthermore, we make sure that I'm at the theater at the right point in time. And we make sure that our eye is focused on the fact that it's a great privilege, and it's, very unlikely that we can do this. And so we. Thought, okay, that's the deal. And then we thought, well, and then we can take an hour or two here. And there, if we're fortunate to see some city and to take a break and to do that when we can, and you know, we've negotiated other details about exactly how intense the scheduling was going to be, but it's a constant negotiation.

And it is a contentious negotiation, which is good, because these things are complicated, you know, and to think something complicated through you need a good argument on this. Side, and you require a good argument on this side, and then you go to have a deep and see if you can come out with an even better argument as a consequence. And so that seemed to work now there are other advantages, it turns out that Tammy is very suited, I'm, sorry, I'm speaking from for her, but she doesn't have a microphone and actually prefers to stay in the background to some degree for various reasons she's, very suited to a life like this she's quite stable emotionally. So she doesn't suffer from a.

Lot of anxiety. She likes to travel. She likes meeting new people.

Furthermore, she likes the adventure, and she's supporting what I'm doing and so that's working, and thank God for that. And then she also keeps an eye on what I'm doing and lets me know when it's going well, and when she thinks it needs improvement in'. And she helps me figure out where I'm going next, because for the last two years, my schedule has been so busy that I don't know what I'm doing next, usually, maybe the next day. And so her job. Because we've also parceled out jobs is to make sure that I get wherever I'm going next on time and ready. And so far that's brought I would say, incalculable benefits fundamentally. And because we agreed on it, we had our little Constitution in place.

We were able to handle the stress because I think we've been in a hundred, and it's damn near 150 cities in 350 days. And so it's, very heavy traveling schedule, but Andy. The other thing too is I trust. Her. She tells me the truth it isn't, necessarily. What I want to hear?

Well, you can tell that's the truth man, what you don't necessarily want to hear, but so she's, a very good counselor and that's turned out to be exceptionally helpful. So yeah, and I'm like their son who refuses to leave, yeah, I like it. Mom I think we ought to give Tammy a round of applause.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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