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In box 12, yeah. Number two. The second one is that what's going out? Yeah, see everything is in there.

Everything is bolted down in place. Nothing them Samoans. You don't really want to push down on anything.

So I mean, I that's going to matter it's, 14 gates solid, copper, wires, I'm going to do batteries in right I'll just set it up. Just, you know, you don't know that making sure you do in case. God forbid, you don't. So, but this thing's tested for a couple of days, you know, you don't have the over-tighten it is like it. May you can sit, you can feel, and it makes contact I mean, it's, not even flat I, see if I can get it.

So you can see the gap, and then she has nothing flesh, it's already making contact right about there. So I mean, I can feel it's pushing the spring down right there. So, you know, it doesn't, you don't want to wrench it down or over-tighten it, especially because it's wanted to build up heat, it's going to want to stick in the place turn out to over tighten your RDA. And if you do let it cool down, or you try to.

Take it off at least, you know, be more gentle. I should show you that it's, probably pretty burnt still, pretty clean. Huh? I don't even know, that's, probably a week-old crazy.

But there you go coming your way, oh and uh, this one section where's that I could go to see it right? Well, I can't really see it on the video. Maybe you can't.

But right in there, you can actually see through there, there are some clear segments, but not so much on the gold size. But on the bottom there's, some real like this whole elbow, Joint right, there's got like a big clear patch, and it's, pretty cool right there. But yeah, thank you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022

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