Marc Fisher Jodi Cap-Toe Leather Ballet Flats With Jane Treacy

We think of Jodi, we think of her wearing her classic, you know, flat, ballets so that's, why we have the Jodi Show because it's just very reminiscent of my sister style. And we do this in her memory and yeah, I mean, without Jodi. We would not be standing here tonight and to have now Marc Fisher as a special pink benefactor. So amazingly, generous tour our cause already we're, very busy on the phone line.

So I'm just gonna call out each style. And you know, you can give us a little insight into. This one we call actually the black floral, you know, we love to lace.

You know, works is a great. You know, evening, flat, you know, go to work in it go out, you know at night in it. It really works with the lace and the mesh, you know, it has a great evening. Look with the black patent toe cap.

And this is medium whole and half sizes. Obviously, leather. We go from size five and a half through ten 11 marked. We were very busy on the phone lines.

Everybody loves by the way the leather is like really. Soft it is, you know, it's really like a comfy shoe something you can just I wanted something you could wear all day. And you know, be really, really comfortable.

So we have our, you know, all of our classic colors. We add a little of red a little of the blue love, the black story. And this is just gorgeous I do this like metallic tweed. You can, you know where it would blue jeans wear with a black evening dress, whatever you want to do you? Can it just go with everything so that's? What I tried.

To do with the Jody show. So you know, very versatile, very usable, comfortable great show. So over 1,800 have already been ordered, but clearly, I mean, this is like they're, such a great deal it's, a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $69, and you're, getting them for 3450. And this is the shoe that we collect year after year. This is the navy with the black by the way, the black floral has just sold out. So maybe we're going to make our mine's up for you a little more easily.

I love, the metallic. Cuter I do too, and you know what else I love that you've done the rearview, yes, I love, just a little touch of metallic to give it a little of spark and punch. So it's, it's really fun. And then, of course, just your classic, you know, classic black on black with black patent. And then your your your just simple, you know, camel with black laughs.

So you know, all the all work with everything and it. This is and you know, memory of my sister who you know, really was the person who you know, went to. My dad to over 21 years ago and said, let's come up with, you know, let's give back to women right, let's, you know, find one great cause, you know, breast cancer is such a such an important. You know thing, you know cause that we really, you know want to give back to. And it was her idea that like start this whole event, it's unbelievable.

And you know, my mom is a breast cancer survivor and hi mom, I'm sure she's out there watching, so it's just a great story and then here's your Jodi show, and I'm so honored. Because I've sold the Jodi shoes so many years, because you've always been so generous to have you here tonight is so amazing. And we need to tell everybody at the update mark again is a special pink benefactor. And we started this show with 4000 of these beautiful shoes.

We only have 700 remaining and that's only because you guys are trying so very hard. And you get on the phone line. These are only made for this one night, just for QVC it's its, like, oh, it's, like really a once-a-year special.

Opportunity and you'd be amazed we've people like come to me all the time and say, why don't you sell the Jody shoe right and I say, this is something special Fanny shoes on sale. And you know what mark we need to wrap it out because you're just about sold awesome. Thank you.

So this is as seven three eight zero. The mark fisher Jody cap, toe. Leather ballet. Flat are very limited again.

This is a night to utilize your mobile apps and like I'm going to echo Nancy, keep the shoes don't, send them back keep. The money working for breast cancer research and education, if they're not right for you there's a girl, there's, a there's, somebody that's going to want to use those shoes Nancy. Look at babies, oh it's. So cute, right? These are from Polo, Ralph, Lauren, Lauren, they're, the chest canvas, boys child sneakers new today for $17.50, please jump on those right away as 7-6 7-3. Another pair that you'll want to jump on right away are the Jessica Simpson, saffron, embellished, peep, toe, pumps, Oh, aren't.

They sexy $44.50 for. Those they come in black or that beautiful berry, red and be sure to be joining me on Nancy, Horn beck, QVC, Facebook page like there. So we can continue to stay in touch and talk live. You know, it's been so cool to see all the faces and all the celebrities who have gotten on board with QVC presents phantom shoes on sale through the years and Fertile obviously was one. And we've got these adorable Fertile moon, a leather ankle boots.

They are in Navy. And this leather is absolute butter. If you went. Out and buy these boots right now, they're, 118, 99 that's. The manufacturer suggests.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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