Marvel Phase 5 Slate Announcment Official Breakdown Disney Plus Day Spider-Man, X-Men 97

What's going on guys welcome to everything always my name's, Michael roman, aka all fires and what's become instantly one of everybody's favorite days out of the year Disney plus day. And it marks the day they are announcing their brand-new slate for Star Wars. Other Disney adjacent projects, but most specifically marvel studios and men.

They came out of the gate swinging starting off with a reboot of the x-men animated series for the 90s. And they didn't stop there we're getting a brand new spider-man. Animated show on Disney, plus there is so much to unpack and go over. And while we'll be continuing to break down deeper cuts, Easter eggs, all that sort of stuff in the coming days and weeks right now, we're gonna break down everything they announced to do a full coverage of the marvel, new slate that was announced today all new properties and old ones that they gave us update on we're covering everything. So in case, you missed it here's, the full comprehensive breakdown of everything new from marvel. Studios on Disney plus day.

But first, if you could maybe consider hitting the subscribe button, we do daily marvel content here at the channel and that's all we do everything from the anonymous, 4chan plot league and the crazy rumors and speculation, insider scoops, all the way to the official trailer, Easter egg breakdowns, interviews and recap. So if that sort of thing's for you hit the subscribe button, leave a comment down below that'll automatically enter you to win all the giveaways like the. Playstation 5, we're, right around the corner from stick around to the end of the video we'll get into all the giveaway stuff again there. Okay. So first up, if you have Disney, plus, you can actually watch this segment. This is a recap and breakdown of the marvel phase, five slate announcements this morning for those of you who don't have Disney, plus it kicked off by going back over some of the most popular moments from this year's Disney, plus after a rather lengthy montage from all the best moments.

From this year, we then had a brand new Hawkeye trailer, it definitely had some extended clips in it, and I'm sure, if it hasn't been already will be uploaded to marvel, entertainment's official YouTube channel again, a full breakdown of that coming in the coming days, but we have a ton to go over. Then it got into some brand-new teaser trailers for moon knight, she-hulk and miss marvel in the coming days again, we'll do some Easter egg breakdowns and go through that trailer footage all specifically frame. By frame, this is just an overall recap of the phase five announcements then going back over some other titles.

We were anticipating. They re-announced things like I am Groot. And the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special as well as series like armor, wars and secret invasion with an updated logo.

They then got into the brand-new announcements for animated and MCU. They announced a reboot of the x-men animated series. I actually heard this rumor yesterday, two of my industry, insider sources, uh, Confirmed it yesterday morning, it's called x-men 97, and it is a reboot of the animated series.

They actually had a really clever, tweet that's kicked off the marvel announcements. We've missed you to see you in 2023 with all new episodes. So we have the release date for that what's even cooler. They actually used the wolverine meme. It shows me the people over at Disney are really paying attention. Then brand-new series. We got Agatha house of Harkness.

Now, we're going to speculate a little as to what. That series is going to be about. I have my assumptions, but you might be able to assume that's going to tie to The Fantastic Four we'll talk about the future of Agatha in the MCU where she's going to be needed next and how it's going to play into the future narrative for what's coming up, perhaps with secret wars.

Maybe even eventually Franklin Richards, we'll get into all that this week. But that is going to be led by of course, Agatha Harkness herself Catherine Hahn from wan division. And a lot of. People are pretty excited about that. So after x-men, 97 and Agatha Harkness, we had the re-announcement of the iron heart series. We still haven't heard much about that, but presume we'll be running into the lead character. IRI Williams in the upcoming Wakanda forever.

That's been the rumor for a while now speaking of rumors for a while a marvel zombie series after the popularity of that episode on what if apparently that's getting its own spin-off mentioning what if we're also getting a what if. Season two a Loki season two, we already knew they were coming. Pretty much confirmed. They also announced a brand-new series in echo a character. We assume we're going to be introduced to in the upcoming MCU. There have been so many reports about this character, she's, very interesting in the current landscape as she's adjacent to a lot of fan favorites like daredevil.

Now we get the official announcement of her solo series. Now, even though the footage was limited for Captain Marvel, moon knight. And she. Hulk there was one frame revealed for secret invasion. This frame of nick fury. Now, I know you guys have seen the concept art that circulated over the last two or three years. People have been guessing, nick, fury, or at least some iteration of him may have been a scroll for quite some time.

And it may be time to dust off that nick fury's. A scroll theory, just how long has he been a scroll in the MCU and guys if you're not up-to-date on this one. It goes back a while I smell a theory video coming next. Week, but this is our first official shot of secret invasion. It comes right after the title, it's, clear it's from that series.

And again, let the memes start flying everyone's. Going to have a ton of theories about whose already, a scroll in the MCU, and I have my thoughts, including what we just saw go down in the falcon in the winter soldier. I just don't believe that carter was acting herself at all wouldn't be surprised if she was a scroll. She was also at the top of the list for guesses along with.

Thunderbolt Ross and a ton of others. Oh man, it's going to be so fun to see this all play out speaking of all play out. We have to talk about this animated spider-man freshman year series, which they said, almost nothing about. But we had reported on last year that landmark deal between Sony and marvel to be able to sort of use Disney, plus as an outlet for Sony spider-ma nip that doesn't have a platform of themselves. Now remember Sony's rights are really only for film.

And I don't want to wait too. Much in the legality of that, because there are people who know the particulars inside and out, and we don't even have the public details on their re-agreement, but spider-man freshman year. Assuming that all of this animated stuff will be included in the MCU might be a bit of a reach that's. Why I'm not really sure where to place the spider-man freshman year? I know, there's going to be a ton of conjecture about it. And so far everything has tied into the MCU under the marvel studios, banner. You see.

There clearly marvel studios, x-men 97, marvel studios, spider-man freshman year. The marvel studios logo is on it and up until now everything that they've done has been canon. So while I think the multiverse looms as an easy catch-all and explainer as to how all these things would cross over I'm, just going to float out there. The idea that some of these, especially the x-men 97, the x-men animated series reboot may just sort of exist on their own somewhere in the multiverse. I can imagine that being a. Title card and then tying into what if on the animated side, but guys, let me know all your thoughts and reactions to all of these titles, which one are you the most hyped for, I know, a lot of us have wanted this animated series x-men for a while it also is curious that they showed us that they're going to do this in an animated way. I wonder if that puts off the x-men live action for a while, and I know, there's going to be a ton of speculation as to what's going on with spider-man freshman year.

But. Having this project come to Disney, plus having some spider-ma nip that's part of marvel studios is super, super exciting, and I'm going to have to go div up dig that interview from maybe two years ago, where someone asked tom Holland about the possibility of spider-man being on Disney, plus and TV. Right when it launched, and he said, you know, uh, sit tight, you never know what could happen.

So it'll be it'll, be very curious to see but guys, let me know all your thoughts down below quickly, let's jump into. The giveaway stuff again before I let you go we're still giving away a PlayStation 5. Now, at 900 000 subscribers as well as Disney plus subscriptions, when Hawkeye goes live in a couple of weeks, and we'll give away a couple of tickets to eternal this weekend. So if you want to be entered to win, all, you have to do hit the subscribe button, leave a comment down below. And because it's, truly random the more videos you comment on the better chance you have of winning all winners will be announced at the. End of video, the same way we're doing here. The best way to keep up with the content has always been to make sure to hit the notification bell with all notifications turned on.

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I'll, see you guys in the next one.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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