Porcupine Eating Acorns. Maybe?

So we're up here in the heart of Poland, we came across something that's really kind of interesting. This is the first year I've seen anything like this. I've got these large areas that keep getting ripped open. And normally I would attribute this to a whitetail deer, or maybe even turkey is tearing it up when the snow is this, shallow it snowed last Saturday and so, but there hasn't been anything else through here. Look all the way around this entire area, there's, no deer tracks. No anything else is just.

Some squirrel and I see this again and again, and again, there's a porcupine trail and there's, a section of it that's torn up, and then he keeps walking. So I don't know if they're coming up here and looking for acorns, I did find, uh, these little pieces. These pieces of acorn look.

It looks very similar actually I'm picking up some hairs out of the right out of the path too getting some porcupine here. But these look very similar to the way deer eat it. They grind it with their molars. And these. Are the kinds of pieces you would see fall off. So normally, that's, what I would attribute this to, but there's, no deer tracks to be seen anywhere.

And every single one of these tore up places like this is right in the middle of a porcupine trail. So it's kind of interesting there's still like this like little, tiny pieces over here, where you can see, they must have found something chewed on it. Certainly not squirrel it's, not open nearly neat enough to be a squirrel, so I'm going to do a little research.

And see if I can prove definitely that porcupines do this, and I'll let, you know you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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