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Welcome my name is commander, oh yeah, retired. And currently in Bible School to help me forge ahead in my ghost Colin, not nestle being a pastor, but doing what God wants to do need to do currently there's, a lot of attention being paid to Ebola provision Africa. And now split into different parts of the world. It is of note that many governments of the world and organizations and individuals have thrown in a lot of energy and effort to contain Ebola. But it appears to be getting out of hand and I. Believe that God has now called me to play the part that Christian prophetic men and people who are gifted in healing should come in and also joined forces would fight Ebola people who will use the processes I'm going to give will get healing.

I take authority name of Jesus Christ over the region now being ravaged by Ebola and anybody primly prayer that I'm going to demonstrate later on we'll have the hidden power of olive oil and the hidden power of Jesus Christ activated and is going to help. In healing, Ebola I'm part by God to do it, the basic things you need actually not many directly available clean plates, cotton balls or spatula and large size of olive oil, or the small one for smaller family gloves. And then back for disposal of some other things that we have a clean new glove, which you have to wear to avoid safeguarding yourself and also to say that contaminating anybody. So you have first and foremost, you have to wear these gloves. Ok. The next thing you do is also get a clean.

Plate dependent on how many people we are treating you put in today, the plate actually this quantity in the plate will be able to anoint probably about 25 people, big one straight line per person. And then you wait it and load it with olive oil after you have prayed confess, your sins. You can now hold it in your hand and say, oh, god I declared that I have forgiven anyone who was offended me and I confess, all my sins to you in private, and I'm asking and praying to you my god that in the name of Jesus. Christ of Nazareth, you will protect me from Ebola I, hereby, anoint myself with this all as a mark of my faith in you. Thank you god in advance for protecting me amen.

What we are not going to do is a walk of faith. You have already predic walks. This one is just a demonstration or defect. So just to demonstrate, it does it's just like baptism. You know when you are safe as a Christian, you go to heaven if you did, you love God, you go to heaven, but the baptism is just because grandpa besides we are. Going to baptize you as well.

So this is just a mark of faith, you know, because that is hidden power and I live. And there is a mighty in power you're having the two of them your hand. You are now going to anoint yourself. Well, thank you very much. Good in peace. Your faith will hear you and it's Jesus that heals it's, not a live fire.

You. Okay. Thank you for watching and your patience, I'm on Twitter, I'm on Facebook, and I'm. Also, a YouTube subscribe to those was a follow me.

The dead model of prayer is called. Advanced form of Prayer. This means that you see yourself as that. It is true eternal, God.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022

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