Proyecto Voces Silenciadas - Entrevista Completa Eduardo Usuca

I've lived here for years, but I don't consider myself to be from San Carlos Area from San Carlos del Real, I. Consider myself to be from the South I. Consider myself to be a Southerner because I have my best memories there and there already and my parents I, don't know, more or less.

What date I had seven or eight years. They moved to the conventicle there in the conventicle. We were sister days, but my mother had 18 children. The conventicle was several rooms because families who lived there.

Vite and well, we had a whole family. We have a bathroom just downstairs for everyone. Once it is broadcast. But among the women, especially when any of them had a problem and especially a disease problem, all the others would run to help her. They always knew something this with everyone. You saw was a unity, a union in that sense.

The solidarity was impressive. I. I, remember, for example, in my house in my house that we ate at 10 at noon. This was the jazz menu. It was already weekly. You saw a weekly menu. On Mondays, it was, but my sister pa, but I want that.

Now he caressed at that time, it was cheap on Tuesday. It turned gray and stayed Tuesday and Wednesday on Thursdays. He made a tube of noodles with tuck video bought from the store on Sundays, too tuck was a neighborhood of very poor people. The people very for a worker who worked, yes, but poor, too, There were the brothels, You also saw the bars, that at that time of night, a lot of people worked and had nothing else to do, Then they didn't have to.

Read and there was no television, There was no radio, There was almost nothing, They left to the bowling alley to the bar and some of them had drinks and armed themselves. So the people from the center, let's say from the center, or from somewhere else, were afraid to go through the park. Then they wanted to go through the neighborhood and not one of them go and the neighborhood in the south that only conversion they are going to stone you to death, because this hair gave up on us. Nothing luck ever.

Happened, but it was let's say and the fear that the people from the center had of going through the south neighborhood passes it. Ba, no one who goes to people of more or less good, standing was careful to go to the south border. An anecdote did not happen that I always remember one morning in the conventicle where we lived came a Felipe Guevara who had been passing by crossing the square like that and a half fallen on the ground that 11 was the vision and mother who was fallen I, was there my head. Bled from a stone in one case, but I got to the hospital it improved in the hospital. You saw cured because it wasn't, it wasn't much Pedro. I started a later when we came again, walking life walking on July.

18, there was a market created the piece that you saw and sold. Well, it sold all the groceries and fruits and vegetables and that's. When my mother crossed they came through the other one I would see crossed until there and I bought myself a banana must have been the best morning I ate in my life. I.

Wanted to be hit with another stone to see if I bought our banana, but I, remember that I remember look, and I will remember for life in my house. There was no fruit, but we ate fruit because at that time, there were many corral ones there. And then and in some there was a tangerine tree in some. There was a fig tree, and we were. And we stole an darn to know, the fruit more richly and I also live it. When the time of the living we entered the corral in some we had had dealings with the owner. Then.

One day an elastic came far away. Boy, says, you come for me preferentially. My house I, give you a laptop. Tm collects assets for me. And then as many, they take everything you want.

We had already done. It is about. We don't plan to steal this ask the neighborhood, fine, everything I liked everything in my house.

I think there was radio for the 50s world cup that I already had 13 years of all the manual games that the spinning top that the ball that the badge that the figurine every actor Argentines came. To see the historic neighborhood wears, because they have, I have shown all the houses with tiles. I know, I know how many, and they came there and the Argentines at that time had two boats coming a day. Nothing.

Then two boats were coming every day, and they went to Junta del Ester. But when they came back, they all came back together, Well, given the vacations, They didn't have boarding because they were two human ships. They had to spend a week in hotels until they left and that's where they came to walk. Around the neighborhood.

We were playing the top. Trompo that didn't dance went the Troy. And the one that later jumped and the one that took it out was from Elvis's. So the Argentines separated there to look how good it would be. If we told him to put one put a coin, and he's going to see what we will be. We took out and put coins in the country.

You know, we were 67 playing. We would make him fly in a little while if he didn't make him fly, he would make him fly. They put more coins at the top of the. Street from Los pins a block upstairs, the restaurant I know, there is I think he called restoring an order. Well there it belonged to this man don Pedro's, salmon. A Turk did not fall on tour. And on one side, villages had three trips.

And on the other The warehouse side had two entrances up to the warehouse door, So the warehouse closed to put them at eight at night, the appointment without a precise warehouse valve, And it goes through the bar side and goes through the bar side and asks Don Pedro. And this and well, he didn't despatch in my father, he sent me to meet there. He would get 11 days 11 years. He sometimes sent them at night and one day. Furthermore, he sent me one night.

Furthermore, he asked me to buy mortadella or mortadella from behind. Furthermore, he wanted to eat reinforcement of mortadella. Accompanies me he commands. And we were playing billiards to the 3 villages busy playing the one played for silver. Sometimes they took time to despatch 20 for him. He had to attend to those of the billiards games there.

And that is. Over there to be a discussion in the villages there, a discussion is set up. And one of the participants, the discussion, the discussion, the fourth time that half of the block has lived has also recorded without loss inside the auditoriums for half of the block and returns with a dwarf revolver and threatening to another member of the name, the surname of the team because well and this.

And in the obituary, they thought that he is a type of beautiful. This real to me if they throw themselves I was. Dating him when he said, throw my little legs, you know, I, honestly think. So since there to my house, 100 meters away, I still had to go around the palm tree, that's.

When I got there I turned around, if I would stand behind the palm tree running out of doubt. If a shot was fired, but I think if it's tonight they'll, take my time I would have been very close from the 100-meter record. Because the one who came with the revolver did not agree with better policemen, I already saw that I was going to shoot. Him, but neither the legs nor them I do not know how much you hit. And in the end, nothing happened because I don't, throw away.

Anything, I, don't know that practically 90% of them moved, most of them were forced because for a while I, don't know if it was the 70s or 60s in the year and something you saw that Argentine silver varies a lot. And then it was the time that The Argentines came and began to buy properties everywhere there in the southern neighborhood, more, because they liked the area very. Much, you saw how the owners were, because many who owned the houses could not fix them, You saw the roof, and that was not I could fix it because I didn't have any money, So they sold, they sold, And with that, they went and bought a house in the center of the new town, because there are a lot of people, They bought through several cemeteries. And they had money left over and others and others who were obligated tenants have to go because the owner blesses, you have a good day and I had to go find a.

Place to go, for example, those who were tenants were sorry, they were sorry, because they had to go somewhere else for him to leave the place where she is. They had lived almost all their lives. And they had to go to another place suddenly and paying more than they paid yesterday for the rent I saw someone gave to those who had those that the owner gave him a certain amount of money for them to leave. And that I go now few go since the neighborhood, because it makes me nostalgic I, see it let's. Say, a more little more luxurious I, see it like this, but I like it, I liked it and I like to always adopt as it was before, such as the small square, the plaza, 25 de Mayo, to be avoided, But it was not short with the cobblestones that it has all around it, It was a small ballast, My texts that's, why we could play soccer there, We could play the ball, We could play spinning tops and apart from the games. The games from before the night games that we did everything in the neighborhood like that if.

We were all there. We were suddenly 40-50 playing there in the square it's silly now to the neighborhood, I rarely go to the neighborhood because I don't want to anymore, I, tell you I don't want nostalgia to leave me with anything I interviewed myself, but 2. Now in winter, and the neighborhood goes down. And there are no people in the house because most of them are Argentines who have it to come from time to time you saw in the summer. They come rather in this. Then you don't see anyone you don't see as. Before all that movement that there was of people who went to work people who came back boys everywhere in the bowling alleys, movements, that's, fine.

If I tell you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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