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Hey, guys, Phoenix and regal here from the part-time nerd, bringing you an answer to your questions. Actually, what we've noticed is a lot of messages. And a lot of comments been left on our YouTube videos, we're asking us in regard to our builds. A lot of them are catered to my build recently, but I started noticing some messages on our dungeon video that people had shot me asking what build regal was using, or what builds one of our other characters are using now, our guiltiest we're, not going to get. Into that's way, too many bills to get into, but something we will note is our belts.

What we're going to do is have a little miniseries are spun off here. We're going to do one episode per character. I'm going to do the first episode is I only have one character, and I'm always playing my ranger, and then regal gonna kind of invade take over and to in avalanches Allianz. So it's going to be awesome. So what do good news just jump right on into it? So I am a safari ranger have been since day. One just it's.

My. Class, I've always enjoyed being the jack of all trades master of none that range sort of class, and that nature sort of thing. I, love it's been my waist and there's. My sort of play style since I started at RPGs now as for the build itself, so here's my character something important. Notice I go all stat. All my accessories are all stat I worked really hard to get them. The second I noticed them in the fractals I, just booked it straight for him.

My back brace is power. Toughness, it as there is no I'll. Step back brace it's, the closest to sort of what I wanted survivability and some damage.

And as for the armor it's, also all stat and all stat runes, I, really booked it straight at getting these. The second those crystals came out with a recent patch, I really wanted I felt to be perfect for my build before I had that though I was power toughness fit. It really works my belt very well. Now as for weapons, my weapons are sort of catered to what they do.

If you notice a great sword and longbow don't have. Too many conditions bacon edition based skills on them. So I put them as power precision. CRT. My short bow, for example, is different though power precision condition damage, because it does a lot of conditions same with the dagger same with the torch.

Now I sort of cater my weapons to what they do for me. But I carry every weapon I can possibly use in my inventory regal actually got me into that he'll probably explain it more on his videos, but regal it's a great idea. No matter how you look at it. It. Certainly is it definitely makes your build way more than he would, you whistle were to use. It was an M word, but there's this a bunch you could use malleable versatile, just it just needs another one, but there's, a there's, a bunch. The slew of words, we're, not going to get into the source things right now.

Okay. So that's pretty does it for the way. My armor works with my weapons. Each weapon sort of unique, but I carry them all at all times to make sure I can always adapt to any situation. Now, the. Traits are where things really start to shine. Now my traits I used to be 30 and Beast master and then 20 and skirmishing, turning 20 and wilderness survival.

Since the recent change to pets the reduction in damage, I couldn't survive off my pets anymore. My pets are still awesome regal. What you think of sage and crimson the good old days, those peddling goodness I loved your pet.

It was like an invincible man. Nothing could kill my devours guys. I always go double devours unless the situation dictates I. Really need something else such as knockdowns I'll, go a couple wolves, but devours are incredible. They have a nice, steady stream of DPS. They are constantly applying poison on the regular attack, which can happen.

I believe twenty or thirty percent of time. Oh, actually, no I think it's, ten that's, even less, but still it's enough that to make it worth it as well as they have a free dodge skill where they burrow underground. Okay, very nifty skills to have on a pet when it can dodge it for itself and.

It's, very tough devours are tough as nails. They are green. But that does happen if you haven't noticed, but their evens they're, smart, too man, they're smarter than the NPC's in those dungeons. They are, they have knockdowns and a dodge, and they use them very well. Sometimes they use it really badly. But who doesn't I mean, come on I've, wasted, a Dodge, but back to the traits now I did remove the beast master because.

It wasn't nerf to pets I, decided, you know what if I'm not going to be doing the damage to my pet. I'm going to have to start doing it myself. So I went 32 marksmanship, and I've sort of kept it there for a while I like having opening strikes regained when I have stealth or something like that, you know, it's great when you're running with a thief, or if you have a long bow out on top of that, I also like increasing precision of everyone nearby that's.

Next are seven percent CRT chance, that's a great thing to have at all times. You can trade that out for long bow range. It also works out I traded as I. See fit and then sharpening stone, I love having the sharpening stone when my target goes below, 50 percent health that extra bleed is great. Now, the most important part of my build is skirmishing and wilderness survival at 20. This gives me so much flexibility. Because I can consistently change out my traits at any time to ensure that I always have either offhand skills are recharging faster or my short bow longbow.

Because I usually trade between the two. I typically go short belong bow or acts towards an. Axe war horn, for example, and it makes it so on the fly, I can switch. My weapon switch, my traits with a few because I'm not resetting, the traits I'm just changing the already existing a flexible trait. It is great.

I will just I love. I love so much about this bill. They said, like 20 times, I, don't care, regal, it's, fine, but I love. The ability to switch my build on the fly. This class is so flexible this trade tree. So flexible I can set it to whatever I need at the given time.

Now don't do this in dungeons. Cuz I don't want to be popping up my menu on you guys every 30 seconds, but I do it regularly when I play with regal, notices I'll say, hey, hold up for a second I'll switch out. My build takes me a few moments, and I'm ready for the next fight, and it's I'm. A lot more handy than I would be if I didn't have that ability do. So, oh, yeah, I see that actually a lot in the fractals, yeah, every switch between each of them. Yeah, in fractals, I'm constantly switching out I'll go to double access when we're.

On the harpy 12 all of a sudden short belong. But when we're on cliffside, for example, right so it's its, very interesting to switch them around I, love that ability to do so it's, great that's. What I really like about that class is why I've never switched all the other classes are just as versatile it's, just not my place. Now so that's, why I've been ranger since day, one and I hope that answered your questions I sort of highlighted. All my traits there I highlighted all my gear and weapons. The source. Stuff I even mentioned, my race Oh last note is just my skills something you'll notice I carry with me all the time.

My cygnets I do enjoy having signature with the passive bonuses that they give my character because it requires less micro from me. Now I can burst them if I ever need a little sort of boost, but it's not necessary. They keep me alive to keep my pet alive. They allow me to do my job, which is mainly focused on my weapon, rotations as well as the fight at hand.

So that's, another part of my. Build I sort of like to share I do try those out as I require, you know, sometimes I'll bring a spirit with me sometimes I'll bring an extra stun breaker. But those are very flexible. The big part about my build is a 30-20 2000 down the trade tree as well as the all stat armor that flexibility is awesome.

I have nothing else really to say about my build regal I think it's time that I end this video. And you start taking over with your God. Well, ya see I. And the thing is, you didn't mention anything about. Your your your final elite skill and I'm glad about it because, you never use it. Anyway, the idea I, save it for emergencies in those never come on I. Sometimes burst it.

My favorite one to be honest, guys, I'm going to show you right here is entangled. I'll, really like using a tango grabbing a group of people and get them stuck, especially on computer control players. They usually don't aim for it. If you're not a big heavy AOE fight, it tangles the way to go if you are in a latte, Oh II, just think with rampages. One if you're a ranger, both great skills, both have their own sort of moments is on that guy's. Please check back for more videos, like subscribe checks out Facebook Twitter, all that fun jazz as well as check out Regal videos for his builds.

How was that.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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