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Walking okay, I don't like it. Here. Listen.

What fortunes are you now second engine like any calculator? Right? Yes. She's local.

My name is Shawna. Derek I decided that I'm disabled I gave my scooter concern given in a second big food, and I've got the run Frank important item, 10c vegetables in the year. 2011, I've got a sweet exposure.

Gauging first, immiscible, India 2013, I did my polish on Censorship, incorrigible, sorry, honey overview in Islam from starting, oh let's. All of that I didn't like that you super. Mutant closest polish and I have got to get across and led in the year 2016 about my family background. There are five members in my family, including me. My father is a government employee, the nice talking across land working enormous, practical area. And my mother she the Oh Michael other that axis with me about my chili.

The voice is way more we have subsequent seasons. Are there people who live participating? I will become local to the sting, and I've got the wooden pulling 200-day MRE certificate. Totally will entities created between my polish and is identified creativity. Children I can get a national TV show. Okay, what is happening?

This was a voice as an official group reading. It is home. Okay. So using a reactive force, both are white, and you can not hold together I want to use alternative exhibition. And if I get civilians of the day in with an available team is awesome.

No participating is done come on individual only okay. Extracurricular hours. Oh, okay.

Every so many to garnish a lot of being. All fit is making up the right venue. For example, I bought. These are from Amazon and Latins, but they are filling up do my own born of one year. Two years old, it was impossible trial ever since I'm also deciding, but what will find a Lexington business mentality an Amazon, a cyborg abuser.

Okay. So you are saying, apparently, you are the legitimate for the very light, how you schedule time for many, for example, origin is a modern. So how are you will be assigned to the reality now I want to pay for it. So we are people at the peak of the Hall of beauty, I'm doing keeping Presidium as an altimeter, but whatever for most polish reinsulate, and then I will get welcome organization and get follow the recipe, no ma'am, there's a special entity in India special. This is different in and entity. If we get beyond a grading entity, suspended and agitated or irritated fall asleep only wanting to do that motions and another foul, yes, I'm. Not very good.

Oh, I want to continue my dream Oh against the gravity of the. Moon 24:44 women longer than that in using precision using in you, yes, I don't, see that kind of involvement, you know, is a very beautiful again, I mean, in this point, I'm. Okay. Now in this point you are trying to do that I can see that support in Japanese about quality cookies here. Maybe in here, maybe this will jog included so completely clear multiple complete technology. Neo's mama for Tito, always have an alternative that's.

Why I'm an alternative to the PG game? And there is a force, which is providing. A leadership quality. So that I am looking forward to the teaching - origami for the clinician in every home with we're communicating something unless you are walking a little, possibly local coordinator community building community. Okay, we're all on the English novelist Oh barnacles.

Why do I open to Phillip Island, I'm MC, the repeal of the regional I'll be an independent Derby North, I'm, moody a little wasn't into making this one has no business in a systematic default you maintain specific? Licenses the words desire, which are in the debates okay, have you move over to some of our bank is a violation, which happens a lot on. You are a former unit forward with this wait here are the original color. Yes, nothing like the nuisances.

Okay. So a backward economy with the other areas in which your company today I'll speak devotion, open flow, not mere person on per interface is the current location for me. Okay?

Wait. What you understand what exactly is under the right hand, right? Forget each other I.

Will price in when the goods are being, you know, monomer, the demands are being higher debt by tribe in . They are intended to of necessary for players and world calendar women because this move major telecom feel important emerges. We have a movie for air that would open an idea is the nation for all. And because the geography is being doing culture that's, why as a result deep to complete? We came to visit onion Guru for the current horoscope away.

Anjali, Mr. Okay. What do you think about the. Patient or the quality only quality meeting, and we bring good for the betterment of commission. So what will happen in the occasion major currently from 500 uses Simon again, one hour between were cooking change, mannequin, no Marie.

So you'll be. The key molecules will be available only Google for dough going to walk behind me, read obediently who got beaten world will read a poem. She was talking about all people universe is over. Okay, remember you're. Not even yes. Okay.

What were you not an official? Not. There's a girl could we have gone OS very much any thoughts, these different beautiful, if you know what I remember your name, what are some ideas? Other colleges you are looking for a smooth independence. Hello in learning technologies and I would open it up. Um I will start reading many new institutions on R and D. I am. Well, what is my business I eat and blow people?

The indicator is all politics. 3Md. People stop under students on the expenses to have a global exposure together that we use as if.

It were true 5.7, diesel solicitation program, and it also has pluses on sandy's Airport work on an angle. Now, the scale if you just walk sorry, I think it is. So hopefully our lives far away any taking it. You are who are going after got selected available about the incidence, what a girl would mean like.

Thanks. You'm just editing more pollution. Okay.

Thank you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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