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Dude, did you hear that? Mr Stevenson is cancelling the test because he got a migraine again, seriously, I know bum, right? Yeah, we studied so hard for it. I was so ready. I say we should go to the library to work on our speech and debate topic. We have our Lincoln Douglas tournament.

This Friday good idea, they're. So pretty yeah, pretty dumb. I wish I were that confident ignorance really is bliss.

So we have an extra seat in the limo for prom, who should we invite? Oh, my god, we should see if we can get in the. Limo that would mean us having dates first, oh and losing about 100 IQ points in order to sustain a conversation with them. No. Thank you.

Come on. It'd be fun. We can go together. This is our last chance to experience what it's like to be cool before we go off to UC. Davis I'm. Cool.

I don't know they seem boring. They look fun to me, hey, GG, um, hi. I don't know if you remember me, I sat next to you in homeroom last year. My name is right you're that intensely smart girl. Thanks, that wasn't a compliment, but. Okay, oh, um, yeah, right.

Um. Well, really I'm like actually, not that smart. I just read, um. Anyway. I heard you were looking for someone to fill a spot in your limo and well, we haven't booked our limo yet. So we thought we could do a favor and fill that spot. Oh, that's, only for one couple.

Well, that's. The great thing about us. There are two of us. Two people some would call that a couple. Um, I don't know if you guys fit in with our aesthetic big word for you, I'm, sorry, did you say something nerd?

Yeah, no. She. Didn't she sneezed, she has allergies? Yeah, um. We really need to get that under control.

Do you want a Benadryl Tina? I don't have any she also suffers from amnesia. Um anyway. We'd love to fill that spot maybe we'll think about it. Did you hear that they said, they'll think about it?

No, I didn't hear that it must have been my amnesia. Why did you treat me like that in front of them? They were being sold. You just don't know how to talk to them Steph.

Please just do this for me. Fine. You have to have my back.

Though you can't just leave me hanging like that, okay, I promise, possibly we should cool it on that for a while hi everybody. I know you were excited to have your test today. But I think instead I'm just going to have you quietly, uh, review, chapter, six in your textbooks.

So at least I'll give you the weekend study? Oh, shut up. Please hold your applause. Mr Stevenson, yes, Tina Stephanie. And I would like to use this time to go to the library and put our finishing touches on our debate, speeches, our tournaments on.

Friday, wow, what a desperate nerd definitely not going in our limo? Is this true? Stephanie you want to go to the library, um like no totally not. I mean, I'd rather hang out and not do boring stuff like studying or preparing for a debate. I don't even know what she's talking about.

Okay, uh, well, you know, you can go to a library by yourself, here's your hall, pass way to have my back, hey, do you want to sit with us? Um like yeah, totally so okay. So what do you guys think about the color teal, love worship. Trophies that's what I thought so gorgeous can I speak to you Stephanie?

Um, yeah, like sure totally. I have all the research here for a debate. This afternoon, do you have your opening statement? Ready? Oh, my god, seriously, I thought we were going dress shopping today after school. Well, we have a debate tournament.

No, we don't we're, going dress, shopping, yeah. Loser. So get lost all right? Guys. Let's start for 30 minutes. You may read anything you like. Mr, Travis, yes, here's a note from Mrs Hernandez.

What is. That loser doing here, Stephanie she is not coming with us in our limo. You need to find a real date, and it better be someone cool and not lame like her. Stephanie Hamilton.

The bus is ready to take you to the debate tournament. I thought you were going dress shopping with us. Thank you. What a clumsy nerd look at her, maybe you should have calculated your steps better. Stop. It Gigi, leave her alone, just because she's smart and prepared doesn't make her lame or less cool. We like to try our best we like to.

Study to read to get good grades. What are you doing? I swear to god, if you don't stop talking to me like this, you will not be in our limo. You know what I don't even care because one day we will be so successful that you will be the one begging us for right in our limbo. Come on let's go in that tournament.

Okay, Gigi take this to the principal. What now do.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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