Spyro Reignited - What Happened To Extra Orbs? Door Hinting At Dlc? Female Dragons Were Considered!

How's it going everyone it's me, Vivid and welcome back to sim Spiro. So how's, everyone experiences with the Regan attic. Trilogy I do know that some people finished it in like three days when it launched that is truly something, but at least you can replay it right now. I do understand that many people are still waiting for a patch, just give it time.

So for this one folk let's go back in time. Do you guys? Remember the whole extra orb challenges thing from Game Informer's article on Spiro. Let me read it. Again, Spiro is back in the reignited trilogy PS4, Xbox, one on September, 21st, that's cute.

The game contains a Spiro, the Dragon, the misspelling I. Remember, it sparked a ripples rage and spiral year at the Dragon developed by Slanders creator, Toys for Bob. These titles are augmented with revamped graphics, full analog stick, controls new orb challenges and more new orb challenges and more who what where what were they talking about the trilogy. So far only showed us revamped graphics and controls. No. Such thing as extra challenges or whatnot.

So two things here, folks, it could have been a mistake on their part. By really this is game. Informer does mistake happen.

Usually when covering a game, the percentage likeliness of that being a mistake, I'd say is 10%, but what I truly believe is this what they said is true, but is yet to happen. It all happened with time just not now back. Then we all thought the game was getting released on September 21st at that time twice Rabat believed they had enough time. Not only to polish it, but to go on ahead and add extra content, unfortunately, toys for Bob hit a wall.

Not enough time. They realized that a certain point they asked Activision to delay, the game, I mean, they're the ones working on it. So surely they went to the publisher to tell him, hey, we need more time. Logically wouldn't. You think they'd rather use at that time left November 13th to polish what's already present.

You know, not spend time on extra content, which one would you go with seeing we got no. Extra challenges it wouldn't be too far off to say, toys for Bob, most likely ran out of time to add extra content prior to launch. So instead, they decided to put all their energy and time to, you know, polish it knowing Activision, they thought of okay. No problem. There's, always DLC, not to mention ELQ a bit off-topic here, 20 extra US dollars to unlock nitrous-oxide a day.

One I understand it, the extra skins and other upcoming digital bonuses, but I mean, knowing that nitrous oxide is unlockable in CTR. Through adventure mode, $20 extra, um, I, don't know, you also have to consider the fact $40 for one remade game, Spy Ron crash were talking about three, and they had the same price tag. So whatever these upcoming bonuses are for that game I'm expecting a lot. Anyway back to the point. Folks remember me speculating female dragons that too didn't happen despite Toys for Bob heavily hinting at it at e3.

The question was brought up, and they were replied by saying we want to leave some surprises, but guess. What everyone it was soon explained by someone they concept artist, one of them that toys for Bob did consider female dragons. It never got through, according to one of the character designers at Toys for Bob, Devon Kathie Lee, the idea of having more dragons female, especially was thought of, but I, guess they scrapped it for some reason time constraints was it glassblowing arts isn't dragon on their Instagram. We proposed doing the Lady Dragons for Spiro, but never went through with it.

Here was an idea. I wanted to flesh out that I never got to do. So now its fan art haven't posted progress shots in a while we'll post, the final later, Gator toys for Bob haven't, given me the go-ahead to post my work yet.

So here is a consolation prize. Hmm. The artist doesn't get a go from Toys for Bob. You know to share.

If it's considered fan art at this point. Okay, considering what toys for Bob said at e3, you want to keep some surprises female dragon related at that time back in June. They were either really. Considering it or instead of just saying now they just said we want to keep some surprises.

Some developers tend to do that. Instead of straight-up saying now just say something else, it's, probably part of the contract who knows and do keep in mind. This surprises thing was three months prior to the original slated release of September 21st.

But really when they scrapped the idea, female dragons, three months. Prior, if that idea was being considered back in June, unlikely, I, guess what? Three months have. Been enough to develop say, a new home world, extra realms for Spiro, two one, thus explaining what we saw in Game Informer is that even possible if toys Rabat were to go back to the idea female dragons, especially this design, although now considered fan art I do believe TFB short for toys Rob in the back of their minds had the intention of adding extra content somewhere within the trilogy and I know where the Moran artisans, nope. It ain't just decoration. Folks charging into it makes it shake high. Possibility or just way, too obvious, you do see something through the cracks, but it's, just the wall.

Nothing there yet, push free. Bob was thinking either of new levels, slash room, whatever you want to go with hence, the shaky doors. So with that - everyone just the door itself, that's, too obvious, we should be expecting new content soon or maybe not soon.

Possibly what time it could take a while if this is 100% true for Spiro 1, then Game Informer was indeed right about those extra orb challenges, but for. Some reason either due to the delay or something they just decided to leave it for afterwards. It just so happens. We didn't get those extra challenges day one. It could be awhile before we even get such a thing think about these toys for Bob ran so much out of time they had to outsource Spiro 3 to Sankara. But of course, was supervision for the time being they could be working on patching out the issues.

The trilogy has don't, forget Vicarious, Visions made future tents for crash. Warped level, which has. The same exact feel as the usual crash games. But of course, with a layer of challenge, it took almost a year to get a new level for crash warped until then they just sorted out the issues. So for those wondering, no inputting the code at the Start menu for Spiro 2 does not unlock CTR. Remember when you press the l1 r2 and square, you would unlock CTR I, really thought, Toys for Bob would the same exact thing Vicarious Visions did in putting the code of Spiro in Warped would unlock the trailer, but doing. So in the read NIDA trilogy, we get nothing, but I'm, not too concerned about that really what were they going to show a demo unlikely?

But anyhow I've said, enough, Furious, video, guys. So if you have questions as usual, do your stuff thoughts, anything questions, everything put leave it all in the comment section below and yeah, I've been Vivid. And thank you for watching you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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