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Now, let's move on to the video first I'll, be a dip diet. Heck, what is the full form of dip it's, the disciplined and intelligent people's diet is, but it is step two is for your lunch and dinner. And step three is the things that you can have in terms of snacks and the things that you can avoid, or you should avoid in terms of your dietary habits. Okay.

So the first thing that is very important is step one. They don't call it as a breakfast, but they say that basically all you have to consume is, um. Within there, this is done by. Dr, BRC.

It sees the reduction in drug dosage using the dip diet is not the with your insulin resistance. Next thing I'm, not telling you to get around hundred fifty grams of protein. But at least point six to point, eight grams of protein per kg of body, weight, kind of vegan diet.

You can live a very, very healthy life without supplements, provided you already don't have tons of deficiencies. You should be given some supplementation. But again, it depends on how far you are. Able to improve your lifestyle, for example, then obviously you don't need supplementation. Likewise, but if you are not making such major changes in your lifestyle, and you are not going to even take supplementation, and you are deficient already. And again, yes, supplementation. Both our supplements are fake acidic, they're, not good for the body.

There are tons of issues with the supplements in the market. But that is one thing that you need to take care of next year. But there is a condition called silo.

Okay, which is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Why am I bringing this up? Because of is it clearly mentions that you will get it's very nice provided you do it the right way and provided you make the most out of otherwise you'll become hypoglycemic again. These are not I'm, not giving you blanket. Rules, I'm just telling you if you're a healthy individual issues.

Then try to do at least a 16-hour fasting along with this dip diet. And that will really give you the benefits again. You can have your. Chickpeas and you can have your pulses, but other birds are the come here. Then you can supplement it for a very, very short amount of time diet by eating fried, food junk, food, processed food or using refined cooking oils next. So basically, what you have to do is you have to make sure your stomach acid is perfect, apple cider vinegar, another alternative that you can do.

And that is something that I would do if I were to do this diet is key egg. Then a key fruit. Suppose mirror weight, 75 kg say, 750. Grams of fruit, then 750 grams papaya longer than 750 grams of fruits now coming to the hardcore pros, no junk food, no processed, food, no packaged food, no animal meat. Yes, easy really, really good apart from that. Pure diet height is going to be very high in electrolytes high in micronutrients and high in alkalinity.

But I got because of fruits, layering all of that is going to work really, really well inflammation all of this really, really good habits to practice apart from that sun exposure. Overall, I love this diet protocol, very, good diet. Protocol, debatable topics diet is 100 times better than what the people are eating today. One last thing please include physical activity with along with this diet as well physical activity, along with this diet along with a little of intermittent fasting.

And you will be very, very healthy in no time. Okay. So I hope you guys like this video coffee today, okay, I know, but I just wanted to go into the details of this. If I've missed anything out. Please let me know in the comments below again, , let me know in the comments below overall video comments, apart from this huge thumbs up to. Dr, BRC for what he is doing in today's time.

And he is doing so much for people's health, and I'm really in support of that. So this was it for today's video from lovely bar miller, be awesome, keep your beard, awesome, and I'll. Meet you in the next one bye-bye fruits and.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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