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One little mishap, I promise spike will be what are you? I know, you're trying to get me kicked out of here, uh, the super-duper, bouncy ball. Well, well, maybe you have outside with the dog. Thank you very hilly.

Thomas Amit, Thomas, how do you have time being so clever when you have so many yet is that your cape? Yeah, did you know? Thomas?

Do they look happy to you? So do be a Dalai, dear and clean this mess up and do it quietly? We need our beauty rest.

Oh, Sophie thought that would have worked the time spell. Look it up that's, what you require? Okay, turn back the hands of time to couldn't just walk out the door. No, no, no, no.

You had to help. Okay, of course, you are the birthday. Boy, happy birthday, son.

This is going to be your best birthday where'd. Everybody go. Oh, see house. I had the whole thing sewed up until you two I'm gonna fire up the barbecue. Tom and Jerry here are going to back. What do you say you play some party games?

So, so right open white boys painted to do so get to entertain right? Ah, oh, another. Successful birthday for my boy night. Tom nothing was going on. And it was staying that way different. You could smell it in the air. There was something else whose green eyes stare into the darkness and see the foul plots and criminals, assorted streets, alleys and fences of this ignoble metropolis making the night.

So small equals tom imperialism together, they're, all suddenly a knock came in a doll. This beautiful only shows up once in a cat's, nine lives, someone's going to try. And rob detective burst. Through the door, the intrepid, oh, the gumshoe cat had had enough.

It was time. It would have been easy to take a slow drive to payback city, but the cat and mouse wasn't, their old pal, butch fellas, hold on a second, the detectives. What are you doing here? What are you? Because of her totals? She said, two, goons with fancy feline is that right?

Then got three suckers in a big fight to distract the dog. So she could make they'd all been taught something blurred peace returns to the hard-boiled streets of. Telugu, um, ah, two . I uh, wow. Now, hello.

So my tom had to laugh there were two things she's been married to that ball for the last stolen in the park has my name on it. The mere mention of his name sent fear through animals. Hearts Barkley's owners, brought them to the dog park one day. And they forget the ball. I forgot the ball. I can't, four collars were stolen in a week at the park every mouse detective were to catch him. They'd have to go deep undercover.

I haven't seen. It was decision time. The choice was an easy one for our fearless detective I'm coming for you back. Peace was coming for revenge. Dawn electric fences. Knock it off. Why you guys only I don't know who they are because they were wearing cans you help it or not good I'm, gonna you're telling me the cat and mouth I'm gonna revenue ding-dong this, maybe tom thanks to the cat and mouse detectives foreign.

So what oh do we're leaving now Thomas rotten dreams to you kitty we'll, see you in the morning.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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