Tonight’s The Night For Hilarious Variety Act Ben Langley! | Auditions | Bgt 2018

Are you from I'm from South Norfolk, where should a job been? Uh, I'll. Do this act?

Okay, I'm. Not going to ask what it is, because we like surprises ash tell me why you've been to the show this year? Well, my two little boys, they say, come on. Daddy, you got to be on Britain's, Got Talent. So you got solid. You've got kids.

I've got two children. Okay? Anything else.

Yeah, well, what they did have a cat. Okay, I won't. Go that I've been good luck. Thank you ever so much. Well, you see I think my little stick now is all. About me, I've, miss hearing lyrics in music, see, I mean, it all started when I went to see The, Lion, King.

Anybody sees the Lion King? Oh I, love, the Lion King, but I must have misheard something right because I thought, the first song was about the Arsenal cub football manager. What I did then right had a little thing for yourself ago, maybe there are other songs right that you can hear that you think maybe they're singing something different right? So I've, amalgamated loads, and it's, just for you hitch it. Surely you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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