Vikings || The Story Of Ragnar & Athelstan

Don't, we can all see the signs come they're here. Cool is here. Please don't kill me if you don't kill this one, he is worth more alive to sell as a slave I will kill him.

I forbid it. What is your name? Athelstan, I'm, Rama you're here because I spared your life? Why did you spare my life? Especially since you disobeyed me, Reign, love Brooke.

What will you choose I will take the priest first. This is my family. His name is Athelstan. If any harm befalls, my children I will tear the lungs out of your body. Priest he's, just like us, but he's a fern for the first time, I feel lonely where are ye Lord, where are you live here?

Now, this is your one I would like to be a free man are you still in your heart or Christian? Ah, now we are ready. And this summer. We shall finally go west again.

I want you to come with me? Of course, wherever you go. We're doing number four I'm, following you Joe.

It does not matter where I go. What matters to me is where you're going I will protect you never isn't. If they're everywhere. Ah, did not hesitate. Take it to people you have given me a sign I was blind. But now I see house there is dead, but reborn Reign, then you're a Christian again, with all my heart with all my soul with all my being I.

Suppose it is better that I leave Catholic at now tea means you cannot believe is it not more important for me to remain here? Are you sure you went to Boozers I love, your Nick will admit I, miss him at first. This is assistance, and he is life Isis down as a free man, I want you to. Come back until you came back I came back because you and Reign noticed all of you are my family. What about us if anyone is so plain? It is me. Do you understand sacrifice be waiting?

Why? Okay? He okay, we will never meet again. My friend okay, it's for living me, but I will see you very soon. Thank you friend. You.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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