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You're tuning into black and white sports on YouTube, the no holds barred truth on sports. The main event starts now I'm back Rodriguez for black and white sports. And we are back we're back with the NBA ratings, they're back coming out of a disastrous. All-Star break, yes, correct, uh, as we know, the ratings ended up being when the final numbers came out, the lowest NBA rated all-star game of all time. And we can all celebrate that for the Marxist MBA of china that can make us all smile. We love it and. They get exactly what they deserve exactly what they deserve.

I am wearing a socialism media t-shirt, grab it out of our merch store use promo code. Gina rocks, get you 15 off and stand up against socialism. I've got all the key components here, and you may be like, wait a minute. I don't see any wrestling on here. Don't worry, I'm going to do the wrestling numbers, AEW dynamite and WWE not, uh. But I do have our favorite crying ass, LeBron James down here in the corner. Okay?

As we know, uh, LeBron. James has. Taken a flamethrower to the NBA, and the NBA has completely, uh, nose, dive straight to hell in the ratings, uh, people that support the NBA I'm. Sure, the merchandise sales have taken a hell of a hit considering how republicans are the ones with the money. Anyway, right?

Uh. So, yeah, it is what it is. You did it to yourself. We will celebrate every glorious downfall you ever have from this point on that is what we do on this channel and call you out for your nonsense. Also, an old favorite as the NBA got beat.

By an old school property, one of look as conservatives. My guess would be one of your favorites. One of my favorites is swamp people that's right on the history. Channel, good old, troy, right?

Good night sweetheart. I've got an uh picture of troy having just popped the cap in an alligator's ass right? Or as we know right in the head, boom, right there and uh, he tells the gator good night, uh, goodnight, NBA, because you got beat by swamp people, yes, glorious, uh, AEW ratings are actually down quite a bit they're.

Down, I noticed, uh, after a couple of big weeks for the AEW, they are they're kind of down significantly actually, uh. So let's get to the ratings, the NBA, the Marxist MBA of china, and we'll go with game one, which was the Celtics. And the nets always remember, if you see these larger ratings and by larger, I mean, anything over a million at this point is a larger rating for the NBA it's, because you've got some kind of coast team involved, whether it's New York or New Jersey or whether it's la. Golden. State something on the left coast, right? So the Celtics and the nets 7:44 p.m. And this was on Thursday 1 million 151 000, viewers, uh, congratulations, NBA, wow, 1 million 151 viewers. I also want to point out that these games were part of the games of the week that come on TNT.

And for whatever reason, although I got a pretty good idea games on TNT do better than the ESPN games. And I think in large part because people have gotten rid of ESPN altogether, uh, they've just quit watching it. And maybe more. People are in tune with TNT steel, AEW comes on TNT.

So I've got to be fair when I need to be fair, right, uh, golden state. And the clippers two left coast teams and frankly, for a golden state versus la. Clippers game ratings sucked. I mean, considering it's a left coast game 1 million 249, 000, viewers that is awful. That is awful.

Look that game. A couple of years ago would probably get had two and a half million viewers, possibly more maybe three million viewers, terrible, absolutely putrid and let's give it up. Very quickly for good old, troy Landry and look I'm, a big fan of jay Paul. Jay. Paul on swamp people, yeah, that's. My dude, that's.

My dude, who knows possibly we can get jay Paul on the channel swamp people the history channel. 9 pm, 1 million 302, 000, viewers. It beat both NBA games and uh, that makes me happy that should make us all happy that swamp people a good old, uh, family-friendly, Afro-American, product, like swamp people beat the NBA. I don't see a lot of celebration of china on swamp people, which makes me.

Happy which makes me happy, okay, AEW wrestling. And this would be from Wednesday, night, uh, 743 thousand, viewers, ouch, 743 thousand viewers, uh. They had been doing in the 900 thousands part of it is probably because the main event on their uh pay-per-view that just passed this past Sunday did not go off. So well, it did not go off so well, I'll, let you guys look into that, uh, but yeah, it wasn't executed in the manner that I think a lot of fans expected, however, in the 18 to 49 advertising demographic AEW. Was still, uh, number four on all cable television, no still number four, uh. So in ad, rev ad rates, still very good still, very good and uh, WWE not, drew 691 thousand.

And I have to tell you that's only a difference of right about 50 000 viewers between not and AEW. It has not been that close between AEW and WWE in a while in a while several several weeks. Um, I have to say somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe two months has it been since it's been that close? I don't know what that's about me.

Don't know if AEW took that bad, a hit tell me what you think black and white sports fans hit subscribe NBA ratings videos are back. The NBA is out of their all-star break. And now we're streaming, we're steamrolling towards pathetic playoff ratings that will be coming off. The worst rated NBA all-star game ever this makes us happy as proud patriots.

Peace, I'm out till next time. Thanks for watching the show be sure to like comment and subscribe be sure to tune in next time on black and white. Sports.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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